Vendor Advocacy Services in Melbourne

Looking for a seller’s advocate? At Anderson Property Advisors, we know how nerve-wracking selling a property can be. That’s why we’ve design our vendor advocacy services to alleviate worry while guiding you clearly through the process of successfully selling your property. Whether it’s your own home or an investment, one of our experienced team will make the perfect seller’s advocate in Melbourne for you.

Wondering how much all this will cost? We are very upfront about our vendor advocacy fees so you’ve never left guessing. Our mission is to provide transparent and honest advice as much as possible. We care about our clients and achieving the best outcomes for you. We want you to get the highest possible price for your property, and we can help you achieve that aim.

Our Specialist Sellers Advocate in Melbourne, VIC

Our professional specialist advocate services can elevate the strategy of your property sales campaign. An agent and trusted advisor from Anderson Property Advisors can give you important feedback on your property condition, appearance and value. This crucial guidance can make the difference between a mediocre result and an outstanding outcome.

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Why Do I Need a Seller’s Advocate?

While you might ordinarily have a real estate agent to oversee your interests in a sale, sometimes that’s not enough to get you your ideal number in a sales transaction. A seller’s advocate can fill in the gaps of knowledge to optimise your selling power.

A seller’s advocate in Melbourne will have inside information on the area you’re selling in and can tell you if any simple improvements or renovations would fetch a higher asking price. They can provide advice on the method of selling, how to find a decent real estate agent, how to present your home for inspections, and how to negotiate when it comes to crunch time. Vendor advocacy in Melbourne will give you a considerable advantage in getting to your desired outcome.

Enquire About Our Vendor Advocacy Services Today

At Anderson Property Advisors, we’re different from other companies. We really believe in the importance of vendor advocacy when it comes to property sales. We want you to win and get what you want, and our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and simple actions necessary to make that happen. Give us a call on 0411 222 744 to start the journey.

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Buyer Advocacy

We can identify, isolate and negotiate your preferred property from the initial appointment, or if you have already found your dream home/investment, negotiate the pathway through to a successful purchase at the right price with your ideal preferred terms and conditions.

Vendor Advocacy

We will help you in understanding what is really being said by your agents of choice, what is really critical and what you really don’t need. We understand how most brands and individual agents operate under those brands, therefore cutting thorough the often time consuming process of selecting an agent. We help you get what you need more quickly with our vendor advocacy service.

Freelance Auctioneering

Jeff Anderson has personally conducted over 2500 successful auctions throughout Melbourne and is a multi-award winning auctioneer. For expert freelance auctioneering, contact Jeff and associates at Anderson Property Advisors.

Expert private sale negotiation

Jeff Anderson, lead advisor at Anderson Property Advisors, has a wealth of knowledge to offer you when it comes to private sale negotiation. Over his years in real estate and property, he has:

Trained hundreds of agents
Been at the forefront of boutique and international brands
Managed and owned large Australian companies
Worked closely with 50% of the most successful agents in Australia

Due to this experience, Jeff knows the correct way to handle all negotiations to provide expert guidance when securing your ideal dream home or investment property. If you’re looking for a negotiation expert, call us at Anderson Property Advisors.

Access to a massive range of affiliates and industry experts

We are closely aligned to professional business owners in almost every industry. Association with us gives you direct accessibility with our specialty being superb access to real estate professionals in every market.

In depth property analysis reports

We deliver a comprehensive and directly relevant property analysis report, delving deep into the important aspects of your property, not selectively hand-picked sales with details of comparable sales that many agents manipulate to influence your decision making processes.