Freelance Auctioneering Services

Looking for freelance auctioneering services? At Anderson Property Advisors, we have professional auctioneers who know how to work a crowd to get the best result from an auction. Why leave the fate of your property’s sales campaign in any old auctioneer’s hands when you can get professional auctioneers who know what they’re doing?

At Anderson Property Advisors, we provide crucial guidance in relation to successfully buying and selling property at your ideal price. We light the way through the often anxiety-provoking process of buying and selling, allowing you to relax and enjoy the journey to getting to your magic number. We operate in Melbourne, VIC, sharing our specialist knowledge to hopeful home buyers, investors and sellers in a range of suburbs.

Offering a Range of Helpful Services

If you need an advocate and real estate advisor you can actually trust who is 100% transparent, Anderson Property Advisors is the team to call. Our services are designed to help you succeed in your quest for the perfect home, investment or asking price. Your agent from Anderson Property Advisors will answer all your questions and offer timely professional advice that can make all the difference to your outcome.

Wondering how much a freelance auctioneer costs? Don’t be afraid. We’re completely upfront about our pricing and we’re happy to discuss costs with you before any commitments are made.

Get an Advantage Today with Our Freelance Auctioneering Services

When there are big numbers on the line, like in a house auction, you want to stack all the odds in your favour. An important influence is the freelance auctioneer you choose. If you want someone with decades of experience who can command a crowd of interested onlookers, call Anderson Property Advisors today on 0411 222 744.

Our Property Advisory Services

Buyer Advocacy

We can identify, isolate and negotiate your preferred property from the initial appointment, or if you have already found your dream home/investment, negotiate the pathway through to a successful purchase at the right price with your ideal preferred terms and conditions.

Vendor Advocacy – Who Can I Trust?

We will help you in understanding what is really being said by your agents of choice, what is really critical and what you really don’t need. We understand how most brands and individual agents operate under those brands, therefore cutting thorough the often time consuming process of selecting an agent.

Freelance Auctioneering

Jeff Anderson has personally conducted over 4000 successful auctions throughout Melbourne and is a multi-award winning auctioneer. For expert freelance autioneering contact Jeff and associates at Anderson Property Advisors.

Expert private sale negotiation & auction bidding

Jeff Anderson, lead advisor at Anderson Property Advisors, has a wealth of knowledge to offer you when it comes to private sale negotiation. Over his years in real estate and property, he has:

  • Trained hundreds of agents
  • Been at the forefront of boutique and international brands
  • Managed and owned large Australian real estate companies
  • Worked closely with 70% of the most successful agents in Australia
  • Is an award-winning auctioneer (over 4000 conducted and rising)

Access to a massive range of affiliates and industry experts

We are closely aligned to professional business owners in almost every property related industry. Association with us gives you direct accessibility with our specialists, giving superb access to real estate professionals in every market.

In depth property analysis report

We deliver a comprehensive and directly relevant property analysis report, delving deep into the important aspects of your property, not selectively hand-picked sales with details of comparable sales that many agents manipulate to influence your decision making processes with their S.O.I (statement of information).