Its not your fault, many buyers just don’t understand the process leading up to an auction and believe everything the agent tells you about what to expect, they are simply jostling you and the other buyers into a position to suit them and their vendor.

No, owners don’t need to set the reserve until a minute before the auction on auction day. Legislation is gotten around by the agent often stating on the auction authority that the reserve is to be set, or to be advised, they often don’t set the reserve until price discovery has occurred with 2-4 weeks of exploring the market.

Sometimes but depends on their motivation and enquiry levels after the first 7-14 days, unless of course its a monster offer way above the top end of the quoted range.

I buy 8/10 properties i bid for at auction which are generally 4 week campaigns, the majority of my clients have purchased within 4-6 weeks of engagement, sometimes less than a week.

Generally, you haven’t disclosed strong enough interest or they feel that you are indecisive on your location, price range or you are unsure re your finance and or conditions. Often agents look for a trade in and favour those buyers with a house back post purchase, a successful agent focuses on listings and not sales. If you have a trade in that can be used as leverage.

No not always, many times they are not and are designed to influenmce your thoughts around what they hope you think the property they are selling is worth, its a game of smoke and mirrors.

I am very connected with many agents across Melbourne however generally that is a ploy agents tell vendors in getting them to sign an exclusive authority, promising an off market sale via their data base with no cost, the truth is they generally want any quality property to go onto and into the market for self promotion and marketing collateral. However, sometimes yes it happens but is not a constant thing.

No, this is not legislation and often a 5% deposit can be agreed upon depending on the vendors circumstances.


Depends on your personal and financial circumstances, no correct answer here needs further discussion.

Most buyers think that its all about the land size, how many bedrooms there are and how shiny the kitchen and bathroom are, wrong.

There is so much more to placing a desirability value on any property, such as natural light, air flow, topography of the land, outlook, orientation, demographics of the area, streetscape, access to amenities, and infrastructure by either local, state or federal authorities.

Not just the floorplan, room sizes and location. A trained eye like mine can show you where to add capital growth often via cosmetic and/or structural changes where you can spend a dollar and get 2 back.

No, auctions must be unconditional on the day, which is why i speak to your preferred finance broker or lending institution prior to bidding.


I have 5 levels of service depending on what you want/need, every client is different however not as much as you might think, i have cheaper options with zero consequence to the service or results.

Yes, 7 days a week you have a hot line to me including before work and after work when your with your partner.

Depends on the state of the economy at the time, both domestically and internationally, I’m across both very thoroughly.

NO 80% of the time, NO! I speak to approx. 200 agents monthly and i find the 80/20 rule plays true, however when I’m engaged, an agent to agent speak is very different to agent to buyer speak. Most selling agent s are not transparent, honest or direct when answering questions. However there are some quality agents who are, you need to know how to read them which only comes with experience.

Yes in the majority of cases, i cut through that real quick for you.